Pantone Colors of the year….yes there really are more than one!!

2012 Colors of the year!

Provocative Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring. I think David’s Bridal calls this color – Guava…….

 Fanciful Bellflower, a distinct ornamental purple, exudes uniqueness and creativity. Our logo color!

Scintillating and sexy, Cabaret is a sensual and intense rosy-red — an excellent choice for summer clothing and cosmetics, also makes an electric cocktail hour!

Sodalite Blue, a classic maritime hue, brings order and calmness to mind. Like an
anchor to a ship, this dependable shade works with every color in the palette. I love this blue when used as highlights – otherwise it does look like you are in or on a boat.
Cockatoo, a tactile blue-green, is sure to make your spirits soar. This unusual hue
adds a whimsical touch to the palette and will surely make a statement this spring. A fantastic accent color!

Margarita, a piquant yellow-green, lifts spirits with its refreshing and stimulating glow. Reminiscent of a blossoming garden on an early spring morning.  This color makes for wonderful soft linens!

Fragrant Sweet Lilac evokes the fresh scents of summer. This delicate pinkish lilac adds a touch of romance to any wedding.

Natural versatile neutrals add practicality to this season’s brights. Driftwood, an adaptable blend of beige and gray with a slightly weathered feel.  I love this color!  I think you’ll see more of this in our upcoming events!

Lastly, Starfish, a perfect warm summer neutral, complement all colors featured in this season’s top 10.  The name suits it well as it looks like sand.  You may be seeing some of this in our upcoming events also!
Could have just been the rainbow up there in that list.  Why not choose your favorite color wear it, wed to it and enjoy!!??  Funny thing about it – a year ago we started planning weddings for two brides and guess what their colors are……..Orange, Grape and Hot Pinks….imagine that!

Happy Planning!


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