Planning Program – Destination Wedding

For a few blog posts we are going to highlight some of the specifics in our 2012 planning programs.  We are stepping out of the box and doing things a little differently this year as we think our brides are changing and upgrading with us.   So first up is our destination wedding program.

This planning program is great for brides in the area getting married afar or brides living afar getting married in the area.  If you are looking to have a destination wedding more details to ensure your guests’ comforts are met along with securing yourself peace of mind that your event will surpass your expectations.  Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • Guest Hotel/Room Coordination and blocking of rooms
  • Invitation RSVP Tracking
  • Guest Concierge – Your guests can call us to make travel arrangements and for hotel details and reservations.

How easy would that make your life, of course all of the other little details are included, but we wanted to find a way to make a bride living out of town or hosting her wedding out of town a lot easier!

Call for pricing as all programs are customized per your needs.

We call this package the Empress Leilia Program!


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