Planning Program – Purple Emperor……what!? :) Read on!

Ok, now the cat is out of the bag…..we’ve re-named our planning programs to names of exotic butterflies!  Why you ask? Several reasons the first reason being that I love butterflies! They are beautiful, not so graceful and they change.  The second reason is because it symbolizes for me the change that a bride and groom go though from being individuals to becoming a married couple.

You’ll hear about more changes soon!

Next up is our Purple Emperor Program (it used to be called Full Planning Package).  We love helping our couples plan their weddings from start to finish!  We cater to your needs during the planning process, by making and attending appointments with and for you and once choices are made we can negotiate with the wedding professional that you choose.  Having Behind The Scenes Inc assist you in planning your entire event helps your budget and helps you to stress-less about the planning process.  Some of the highlights of our purple emperor package include:

  • Customized monthly checklist and calendar by your wedding date.  We provide an online tool for our brides to use that will email them when certain items or actions or even decisions are due.
  • FREE Customizable Wedding Website
  • Monthly 1 hour planning meetings throughout the process – these can be done via phone also, we go through any planning questions, like bridal party information, do you want to toss the bouquet, etc.
  • Three Décor Proposals with cost estimates – we’ll come up with 3 different design proposals with pricing for  your ceremony and reception décor, this includes an inspiration board, and a description from a guests point of view.
  • Linen set ups, from the decor proposal that you choose we will choose 3 different sets of table linens to display to you to choose from.
So you can see what this beautiful creature looks like!

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