Planning Program – Ulysses Planning Program

Ulysses Planning Program this was the Day of Planning Package.  Since you’ve taken care of all the planning details by yourself let us help you enjoy your labor of love! We begin working with you the day you hire us to make sure that we are well informed of all the details.   This planning program includes but is not limited to:

  • Customized Wedding Website & Planner Tools – these are all online so you can see what we’ve booked so far and at what pricing.  You can also use this for the remainder of your planning process and to keep track of your budget.
  • Final, on site, consultation one month to 6 weeks before the wedding – we’ll meet and walk through the entire event one last time to make sure that we have everything and to find any holes in planning
  • Oversee all vendor commitments to make sure they are fulfilled to contractual agreements
  • Coordinate rehearsal and make sure all parties are aware of their positions, roles and responsibilities, and where to be when and do what
  • Confirm set up is done according to your specifications – we do not do set up with this package, it is purely coordination.  If you want help with set up please inquire as the cost depends on how elaborate the set up is, how much time is given for set up and/or how much time we’ll need to get the set up done correctly.

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