Protect your event – purchase insurance!!

If your wedding is going to be a production (most weddings are!) then you should take that extra step and schedule about $160 (for an average wedding) for liability insurance.  This can cover just your event, lasts only that one day, sometimes two for set ups and protects you agains lawsuits brought on by third-party bodily injury or property damage.

One example is when we do large set ups, bringing in lots of rentals, hanging things from ceilings, installing dance floors, etc we make sure that the client purchases insurance and adds us to the policy.  This way say we forget to hide a DJ wire and someone trips and falls and breaks their glasses.  If they sue the bride and groom (or most likely us) the insurance pays the fees and everyone is happy.

What if you don’t have a planner and the dance floor isn’t installed correctly and a young lady in those beautiful stilletto heels breaks her shoe, twists her ankle, falls down and hits her head?  Who do you think she is going to sue – I’ll tell you – the bride and groom, the venue, the person who installed the dance floor.  So keep yourself out of her reach and opt for event insurance.  A great company is – HCC Specialty.  Call or go online for your quote!


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