You have a beautiful wedding cake………now what?

One of the most looked at pieces of decor at your wedding will be your wedding cake.  So why not do it right?  I’ve seen such beautiful expensive wedding cakes sit on wood square pieces and those oh so popular silver cake stands.  Everyone does that…so step a little bit out of the box and get you a great stand to put that expensive piece of food on.  I guarantee your guests will see it!

One of the websites that I love to go to is Raise The Cake.  Not only do they do great work, but it truly matches your theme, makes your cake look fantastic and adds that little — “Did you see that cake stand at (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE’s) wedding!?” to your guests’ lips!  Check out some of my favorite photos.

What woman doesn’t love the bling?  You can get this one in a cake stand – or a cupcake stand and truly bling out your reception!

For those floral inthusiasts, this is fantastic!  You can’t even tell where the cake ends and the stand starts.

Gotta love the classics – they are classic for a reason!
Be sure to visit their website Raise the Cake for some great gallery photos and to order your cake stand today!

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