Treating your wedding guests……to more than just food!

You already know that I love weddings – so of course I love the guests that attend them also!  As a bride you should too!  Yes, it is your wedding day, but it is a great event for them too and you should treat it that way. 

One quick and easy way to do that is create a room block at a hotel close by for your out of town guests.  It doesn’t cost you anything, and it shows that you thought about them!

In their hotel rooms you should try and place just a little something – from a guest bag with some goodies to a special note from you and your groom.

For a limited time the ladies of Behind The Scenes Inc will create your guest accomodation hotel room block for you – FOR FREE!

All we need from you is your name, your grooms name, wedding date, preferred hotel and an estimated number of out of town guests. All you need to do is email us at with this infromation and Room Block  in the subject line.  Give us about 2 days to cement everything and we’ll send you the details for your guests!


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