Courtesies Extended…say what?!

– by Laura Blackburn

After all the planning is over, presents loaded and goodbyes said, you’ve got to sit down and write about your day. Ok, that might be an easy feat. Youve dwelt on these details for months and months. But what about all those showers, bachelor/ette parties, and bridal luncheons? Will you remember the food, the decor, the special attendees after all those months later?

Start now creating a notebook or space in your wedding binder for these parties. Get information from the hostess about the food served and any special notes you should include. Keeping track of this information throughout your engagement will be a lifesaver come time to put pen to paper and write the wedding announcement.

Courtesies extended means just what it says, this is the place to say thanks to those who made the events leading up to your big event very special. Say a big thanks to Aunt Sally who slaved over a stove for days and had 40 people in her home to shower you with household gifts. Mention the special attendees such as your mom and the groom’s mom by their formal name.

It’s a fanastic keepsake for you on your upcoming anniversaries!


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