In due time

The venue or the dress…it’s like the chicken and the egg theory, which comes first? The never ending to do list for your wedding seems to grow daily!

– by Laura Blackburn

Many times I’ve heard a bride say, “I didn’t know I needed to do that” or “should I buy this?” Don’t be overwhelmed with the endless supply of timelines and to do lists in magazines and online. Focus on the big ticket items first. Prioritize your items. One couple may focus on the food and music but your focus is more on decor. By sticking to a plan and budgeting your purchases, you won’t be tempted to buy that “deal” online that you’ll later regret. All those online and impulse purchases add up quickly and can cause a major dent in the budget.

Sit down with your BTS consultant and plan a strategic plan for accomplishing the wedding of your dreams.


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