Easy as A, B, C…really?!

– by Laura Blackburn

A question I’m often asked is do we really have to have an A list and B list of guests. Before answering that question, let’s discuss this guest list.

Foremost, discuss with your wedding venue the maximum capacity allowed by fire code for your specific seating for ceremony and reception. This is the magic number. This is the only number that should be used in determining guest list.

Ok, now that I’ve said that…onto the lists. Everyone contributing to the wedding expenses should get a portion of the guest list. Say you and your fiancee are contributing 50% and each set of your parents are contributing 25%. Each couple should get their portion of the guest list as it corresponds to their monetary contribution. Again, that distribution is based on the magic number as determined above.

Everyone creating their list, needs to break it down into A, B, and C. A list being those who youd just die if weren’t at your wedding. B list is those acquaintances that you would enjoy their company at your soirée but the show would go on without their presence (not trying to be hard hearted, just honest here). And C, those who you’ve known in the past but arent as close to, maybe someone who’s wedding you attended, or anyone who you could see attending only if space allows.

When preparing for ordering invitations, order enough to send to these lists. List A gets the earliest RSVP, once the regrets come in,immediately send to list B. List B has a slightly later RSVP date than A, and C is later than B.

For any questions regarding invitations and guest lists, please contact a consultant at BTS.


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