Reasons to have a Destination Wedding….

Besides the fact that we want to travel to a beautiful secluded Caribbean island and produce a beautiful wedding. 🙂

1. You’ll stand out from the pack – Your friends get married in town and have 100 people.  Why not go to an island and have 20 people and have lot’s of fun with the people close to you?

2. It is easier!  Yes – it really is – mainly because resorts have packages and vendors that they have confidence in and can refer you to.  Not to mention less guests!

3. You can save on decor…because it is already beautiful!

4. Guests can save on vacation – they can take a week instead of going to a wedding for a few hours.  Group rates are cheaper and they can enjoy!

5. You can start the honeymoon early!  Head to another resort on the same island – or stay and share your honeymoon with your family and friends!

6. SAVE MONEY! Sometimes destination weddings can save a ton of dollar bills if you choose the right location at the right time!

Do you want to have a destination wedding?


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