Lux Wed Studio….Opening Soon!!

Yet another thing that I love about my job is helping these brides get from ground zero to being a super hero!  As a planner I get to help a few brides per year.  For the end of this year and the begining of next year, I’ll get to help even more brides.  The opening of a new concept for the area begins October 1st here in Greensboro




Will host several different services – all free to the bride!  You can come in and choose all of the wedding vendors for your wedding in one day if you wanted!

The studio will host a comprehensive library of wedding professionals in the area for you to browse with ALL of the information that you will need to make a decision.  We also have 2 conference rooms that we can schedule appointments in for you to meet with those professionals – and we’ll call them and make the appointments for you!

Lastly for the bride we are going to be hosting several events per month in our 2,000 square foot event space!  So far this year we have 2 fantastic events scheduled a bus trip to Kleinfield’s in NY (Say Yes to the Dress) and the Table Top Soiree (we’ll help you choose your wedding linens) be sure to sign up early for these events as space is limited.

If you want to be on the Lux Wed Studio emailing list be sure to sign up by CLICKING HERE.   See you soon!!!


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