Looking to start your own wedding planning business?

Every month I get calls from both recent brides, college students and many more looking to start their own wedding planning business because of something that they’ve seen on TV, or their wedding was great and they want to do it again…tons of different reasons.

We’ve been in business for 10 years now (our Anniversary was in July) so I’ve been around the block a few times, planned many events, made mistakes and learned from those mistakes.  What we’ve decided to do is put all of our most comprehensive forms on CD – and sell them to you.  They’ve migrated over the years from lawyer to lawyer from experience to experience.

I think it’s best for us to help educate those out there getting started rather than try to keep them from not starting…. I can’t do every wedding in Greensboro!

Here’s all the info on what is included:

  • Inquiry / Prospective Client Letter – can also be cut and pasted and used as an email. (editable word document) This form is used each time I have an inquiry from my website or some online form.  I send this AFTER I make the phone call.
  • Client Info/Intake Form (editable word document).  This is the form that is used when someone calls in so I make sure that I get all of the information that I need to make an informed decision.
  • Packages & Pricing Sheets (editable word document) This is not given to the client until the face to face meeting and then I go through the differences in each package and the pricing.
  • Day of Coordination Final Questionnaire (editable word document).  This is used for that terrible day of coordination packages – in addition to copies of all professional contracts.
  • Contract Cover Letter (editable word document) – If I mail the contract or event just give the client one when we meet.  It is usually in their packet of information along with 2 copies of the contract – one for them and one that is signed and given to me.
  • Contract (editable word document) – Same contract used for each of the packages – just a few areas are deleted in certain cases.
  • Contract Received Letter (editable word document) – this is the letter they receive BY MAIL after I receive the signed contract – even if I was sitting there when they signed it.
  • Wedding Announcement/Submission Form – This doubles for announcements pre and post wedding and wedding submissions after the wedding is over.  It has more than enough weddings for it all.
  • Wedding Budget Template (excel editable document) – this document has all of the formulas in it that you need to keep your clients on track.
  • Planning Checklist – not the ones in the magazines that forget half of the tasks.
  • Professional Referral Forms – These are forms that you can tailor to give you your day of brides when they ask for vendor referrals.
  • Guest List Trackers – (editable excel document) helps keep track of all the aspects of the wedding guest, including if rooms are booked, etc.
  • Bridal Party Duty Letters (editable word document)  These are to MAIL to the bridal party once all the main details have been decided so everyone knows when, where, what and how.
  • Sample Timeline/Vendor Lists & Décor Set Up – The format that we use to make sure that we have everything covered for the day of the wedding in on place.
  • After Service Letter (editable word document) –
  • Post Evaluation form
  • Press Kit Template (PDF) – this will give you an idea of how to create your press kit, what information is included and how to format it

To purchase the CD just CLICK HERE

Happy Planning!!



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