Guest Post by Danielle Tate, Founder & President

The Married Name Change Game

You’ve just said “I do” and come back from an amazing honeymoon. All that you have left to do is settle into newlywed life, right? Wrong! For the 88.6% of brides who decide to change their names after marriage there is one MAJOR to-do left.

Changing to your married name in the U.S. can take upwards of 13 hours and more forms than you thought possible. Add to that the fact that each state has a different filing order and different legislation regarding the type of name change you are allowed to undertake and it can be downright overwhelming to make the switch from Miss to Mrs. is here to help! Our online name-change service simplifies the process in all 50 states and Canada. Instead of going to each government office, standing in long lines and manually completing your name change forms only to head back to the same offices to file those forms; you can use MissNowMrs to set up an easy 3 step account that will auto-complete your documents and then provide you with the inside scoop on how to file them the easy way. Hint: there is a file by mail option for all forms except your state driver’s license.

30 minutes vs. 13 hours should be a no brainer, but if you’re changing your name on your own, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

• Obtain 2-3 certified marriage certificates to streamline your filing process
• Understand your state’s filing order and name change law
• Women in CA, PA, WA, NJ & OH cannot take their maiden names as their middle names
• NY brides need to file their forms in a specific order to change their middle names

Have more name change questions? Contact our name change experts by phone, live chat or email. We’re delighted to help make your name change smoother!


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