Wedding Weekends…creating the experience for your guests…

A typical wedding weekend consists of guests arriving on a Friday afternoon or evening.  Instead of just letting them arrive why not host a very small cocktail reception or allow them to attend your rehearsal dinner?  When we create a room block for you we do include pricing for a small cocktail reception for your guests, it could just be a welcome room where they come to after check in to get a small gift and a snack or you can serve appetizers and drinks while your rehearsal is going on.  The ceremony and reception takes place on Saturday and then departs on Sunday.  On Sunday the newlyweds host a brunch or breakfast depending on honeymoon departure.

In addition to the larger events, there are often other casual activities, like the family getting together and having a game of bowling or tennis, it could be a guided tour of landmarks or a park visit or picnic that everyone can participate in.  Of course don’t forget to leave them some time to relax, as they may want to enjoy some activities on their own!


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