A new concept in the world of weddings in Greensboro…

Lux Wed Studio is a resource center that helps couples save valuable time and money by providing direct access to a variety of wedding related professionals, all from the comfort of a sleek modern office.

So, how does it work? Typically, when a couple wants to meet with a photographer at noon, and then have to find their way through traffic to a baker for at 2:00 p.m. appointment and then end with coffee with a caterer at 5:00 p.m. on a different side of the city, the couple’s day is typically shot and maybe they’ve only been able to get a little bit of progress made toward planning the wedding.

However, let’s say that the couple contacts Lux Wed Studio. The studio manager will spend a little time over the phone discussing the vision that a couple has for their wedding, and then will invite the couple to the office. When the couple arrives, they can meet with a photographer for a little while, followed by the baker, and then the caterer. However, the couple is able to rest comfortably and nibble on snacks and enjoy a non-crowded, non-noisy office while waiting on these professionals to come to the office to meet with them! What was going to take over 6-7 hours by having the couple run all over town looking for offices or meeting in crowded coffee shops has been collapsed down to just a couple of hours sitting comfortably in a cozy office and thus the couple now has the rest of their day off to go enjoy spending time together and running other non-wedding related errands.

Is there a fee? No. Using Lux Wed Studio is completely free to the couple. The couple only has to pay if they select to use one of the professionals that have presented to them and choose to hire that company for wedding related services. The fee paid by the couple to that professional will cover whichever package the couple asks that professional  to provide for their wedding, whether it be the cost of baking the wedding cake, ordering time and images from a photographer, or investing in the services of a wedding planner or wedding coordinator.

We, the wedding coordinators/designers of Behind The Scenes Inc, are pleased to announce our partnership with Lux Wed Studio, which is a Bridal Concierge Service in Greensboro, North Carolina.

For more information on Lux Wed Studio please visit their site at www.LuxWedStudio.com. You can also follow Lux Wed Studio on Twitter @LuxWedStudio and “Like Us” on Facebook!



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