Local Wedding Planners

I may get harassed a little for this post, but it really needs to be said.  I understand that 20/20 did a terrible job portraying the wedding industry, but even more than that, some of our own local wedding planners really stink at it and need to get an 8 – 5 job.

Not only are some local wedding planners not bothering with education (which you need to keep up on things and run your business) but they also under cut and stab the professionals that work with brides and their families for a living.

Being “certified” is crap – and brides if you run into a planner that keeps saying she’s certified – she either took a one day course or did an online class – but it doesn’t mean that she’s ever worked with a real client – ASK THE QUESTION – Have you don’t any weddings before?  If she answer’s her own – RUN!

Being a wedding planner / small business owner takes constant education throughout the year and networking (they HAVE to know the vendors they are hiring for YOU!).

If you are a local wedding planner – and you know I’m talking about you – make the decision, if it’s a hobby keep it a hobby, if it’s a business, then make it one.  Stop playing the middle field and making those of us that are in it for the long haul look bad in the eyes of the public.


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