Having fun with escort cards…

This is a task that no one likes to do – but it is necessary at some weddings.  Having escort cards help your wedding guests know where to go and it helps families mingle and get to know one another.

Even though  it is a daunting task you can still make the escort area fun for you and your wedding guests.  See below for some fun ideas!

Escort Cards 2

Escort card stands – best used if less than 100 guests

Escort Cards 3

Lolly Pops! You can truly use any type of candy – something from you and groom or even something that you just both love to do!

Escort Cards 4

Our brides love these! Great for holiday weddings and these double as wedding favors! Great for the Christmas tree!

Escort Cards 5

These go out during cocktail hour and are a great way to get everyone into the bar area!

Escort Cards 6

I love these little keepsakes – is a great favor and they never loose their drink!

Escort Cards 7

My favorite! You can have your guests keep theirs – or add them to the centerpiece!


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