What kind of planner do you need?

As a follow-up to our previous post I wanted to answer the question of “What kind of planner do I need?” Here is a description of what planners can do for you:

Producer – A producer takes your style and tasted into consideration and designs the look for your entire event, hires all the vendors on your behalf and is the point person through out the process.  If you have no time and want to give someone complete control this is the option for you.

Wedding Planner – Recommends professionals, visits with you on appointments and negotiates contracts.  They also work rehearsal for you and supervise your entire wedding day.  If you want to take an active role in planning, but need some help this is your best option.

Day of Coordinator – This type of planning doesn’t get involved until about 30 days before your event.  She makes sure that you’ve got all you need and then manages your rehearsals and wedding day activities.  If you want to plan your entire event and just have someone there to help execute then this is the type of planner that you need.

Hourly Planner – An hourly planner meets with you, for however long you need, to assist you with any aspect of your wedding.  You should have her full attention during this meeting and should come prepared to ask as many questions as you can.  If you only have one or two issues, then this is the planner that you need.

All planners should charge you a flat rate – not a % of your budget, if they do run!  Be sure to interview 3 planners before making your decision.

Happy Planning!


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