Paying for your honeymoon


I know you are planning a wedding…but what about after?  Will you still make the mortgage?  Electric?  Here are some great ways to save a few bucks on your honeymoon – just using a little ingenuity  and planning of course!

1.  Start saving early!  Do a little research about where you would like to go and come up wi

th some estimated costs.  Remember when booking a cruise for $99 – read the small print!!!  Add in the daily expenses, food, drink, entertainment, etc. then about 6 to 9 months start putting away a monthly amount in a separate savings account!


2.  Make the most of the rewards programs! If you have hotel rewards, a timeshare, airline points, etc.  Use those first and then sign up or change your credit card rewards to something that could earn you extra nights.  Also be sure to book your  flight 6 MONTHS ahead!! That is when the price will be at its lowest point.




3.  Hire a travel professional.  Most you don’t have to pay – the hotels and resorts foot the bill, so go to a travel agent (or your wedding planner) and talk to them about what you are looking for.  Just because the internet offers you a good price, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal!

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