Just a little about me….

You’ve most likely read my little bio on my webpage, but I wanted to share something else about me and I think I’m going to open up once a month and share a little more!

Today I want to tell you – I have two tattoos!  🙂 Yes, I know, I am a wedding planner supposed to be post and dressed to the nine’s at all times, but you know what – that is not who I am.

My tattoos mean quite a bit to me so let me explain for you.

My butterfly(ankle)…


I got my butterfly tattoo first back when I was a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  At that point in time in my life I was going through a lot of changes.  You most likely know when you go from the shelter of your parents to the real world the transition is not easy.  Getting the butterfly for me signified the transition from child to adult.  As I got older it started to stand for the other changes that I’ve made throughout my life.

My other tattoo is my tear drop (back)…(couldn’t take a photo of it by myself!)

Tear Drop

This tattoo I had done a few weeks after 9/11.  I lost a good friend that day as did thousands of other people and I had that one put on to show that I love and miss her dearly.

Ok! So that is a little bit about me…anyone else with tattoos!!??


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