Why are wedding ceremonies ended with a kiss?


You may now kiss the bride…rings in my ears every couple of weeks…but what exactly is the meaning behind the phrase?

Hamupip?ke III -Elvarázsolt múlt-

The wedding kiss symbolizes more than just an endearment.  In Roman times, a legal body or contract was always sealed with a kiss.  Therefore, when newlyweds kiss, it represents an agreement to enter into a life long contract with each other.  Some believe the wedding kiss symbolizes an exchange of one’s soul with another,  when the bride and groom kiss their souls mingle together.


I think it’s cute…some brides are super shy about kissing in front of friends or family – then of course you have those that are not  🙂  Either way if it means it is a seal for a contract, you should take it seriously.

Not just because it is a contract, but because you are supposed to be marrying someone for the rest of your life…




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