Why You’re Spending So Much

There is something about a wedding that causes even the most rational woman to lose her head – and her wallet in the wedding planning process.

Here are 10 reasons why couples overspend on their wedding day (and a couple of tips to help you out!)

1.  You don’t look at the big picture – if you are going over budget a little here and a little there it all ads up.

2.  Couples DON’T create a realistic budget – Example 300 guests on a $10,000 budget – you are not going to get everything that you want.  Cut the guest count…it is the key to any wedding budget.

3.  You don’t ask about the extras – Yes the food bill is $16.95 per person, but don’t forget the 22% gratuity and then the 6.75% in taxes, this could mean more than a thousand dollars.

4.  You don’t do your homework – Sure look at vendors online, but then meet with them and have a question list prepared – along with all of the details of the wedding day that have already been decided.

5.  You’re not organized enough – This one is tough because if you haven’t been married before you don’t know what to organize.  It’s much more than a large binder of ideas – its the actual timeline of events and details that you have IN STONE…

6.  You DIY too much – You only have so many hours in a day and bridesmaids don’t want to spend the next nine months putting things together.  Be realistic about what you can and can’t do – buying all that stuff to create something that you don’t have time for – or can’t do adds up.

7.  DECISIONS – you have to be able to make decisions, no changing your mind, the minute that you do, you’ll do it again and that all adds up to $$.

8.  You are trying to compete with other weddings – Plan your wedding for you and your fiance – not to “out do” your best friend, it won’t end up your wedding on wedding day.

9.  You are “Bling Blind” – meaning that you have a budget and know it, but see something pretty and buy it for more money anyway.  Planning a wedding is EMOTIONAL and retailers know this so be prepared and sleep on it, if you still want it – go back and get it.

10.  You don’t hire a wedding planner – should be #1 but the money that you spend on a GOOD PLANNER (keywords here)  she can save you that much in overages that you would spend on your own.

Happy Planning!


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