Keeping Your Guest List Under Control

BEFORE you go venue hunting or searching for your wedding dress.  You’ll need to know how many guests you are going to invite.  In order to not run into problems later you should begin on this task first.

First decide on a number, you’ll need to use that budget number also (what do you want to spend on your wedding day?)  These two numbers work hand in hand.  If your guest count number is high then your budget should be increased to suit.  If you can’t host a budget to suit then you would of course need to lower the guest count.  This enables you to get the wedding that you want.

Once you have your magic number – let’s use 200 then you should cut the list in half and that is what the bride & her family uses and the other 100 goes to the groom and his family.

When dealing with parents – especially if they are paying for the wedding then you should have a discussion with them up front to explain why you did it that way.

Once the guest lists are assembled you will need to decide – can single people bring dates, do you want kids at the wedding?

Lots of decisions to be made – even before planning begins!

Good Luck!

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