Do you want to surprise your wedding guests?

A Surprise wedding…

A growing number of couples are tossing aside tradition and surprising their guests – or sometimes even one another!

Usually the event is disguised as a cocktail party, birthday party, engagement party, etc.  The bride and groom actually get to plan their “wedding” in peace because it does eliminate the family member feedback.

Another great thing about a surprise wedding is the reaction from the guests!  Put yourself in their shoes – they came for a birthday party and got to participate in your wedding day!

One of the downsize is that you have a chance at guests not attending – because it is being called a “birthday party” they may elect just to stay home.  In this case  though the videographer can make you a DVD and they can come over one night with popcorn and watch you get married!

Behind The Scenes Inc has never coordinated one of these – so the first person that let’s us do this….we’ll give you half off our planning program!

Just call 336-525-9331 or email!

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