First One In…Last One Out

A fellow wedding planner from Fayetteville NC – Pearlice Diggs made a comment on Facebook – “As always, the first one in and the last one out.” after an event that she did.  This caused me to think back to my own events and how much time I put in on each one.

I realized that she was right, usually we are the first ones to the sight working setting up, making sure all of the other professionals know where to set up, what time their lunch is, letting them know of any changes, helping them blend in with the decor of the event day, handling any issues, deliveries, calming nerves, etc.

We are also the last one out.  We are the one’s pulling the table linens off – the caterer left once all the dishes were packed up and pulling chair covers and making sure the venue is put back to rights so the bride and groom don’t get charged extra fees.

But to be honest are we appreciated?  Sometimes but mostly not.  In the last few years I only ever remember getting a tip once or a heart-felt thank you just a few times more.  We get great reviews but do they really know the extra mile that we, as wedding planners, go to?

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “First One In…Last One Out

  1. p3weddings says:

    Just when I wonder if it’s appreciated, the next event confirms that my work as the Planner is not in vain. Do what you Love and Love what you do. I’m committing myself to educating my clients and industry professionals on the Value of Hiring a Professional Wedding and Event Planner. First One In, Last One Out. How Much Is That Worth?

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