Creative Wedding Send Offs!

Once this magical night has ended – don’t you want to go out with a bang, a poof or some flair!?  Here are some great ideas for you to consider!


– Have all of your guests hold the balloons until you walk through them (photo-op) and then have them let them go!


Wedding Wands!

– I love these and they double as a great favor.  Use ribbon with your names and wedding date printed on them.  A great DIY Project!



– These are wish lanterns, also very inexpensive and they are bio-degradable (unlike the balloons).  You don’t have to have one for each guest – maybe just your wedding party, but they do make a great picture!



– They are tried and true!


Rose Petals

– To make a photo like below you’ll need a lot, but you’ll have a lot in your wedding floral so use them!

wedding send off


– Also tried and true.  Just make sure that all of your guests are going to blow bubbles.  This is actually best if done after the CEREMONY!!!


Another balloon shot I found on Google!


A cute way to go! 🙂  Just pose for the photo during cocktail hour so you aren’t breathing gas!


Happy Planning!


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