Charitable Gifts {Greensboro Wedding Planner}

In lieu of favors what about making a donation to a non-profit organization in your guests’ names?  As a planner I have collected THOUSANDS of unwanted wedding favors and had to throw them away or I donated them along with the floral to the local hospital.  Moses Cone Hospital and Alamance Hospital LOVE it when I come through the door!

One of the easiest way’s to do this is to contact the I Do Foundation, they set up registries just for brides OR they take donations from the brides and grooms in lieu of wedding favors.  Other ideas are to visit websites like: or JustGive.Org.  The best thing is that it becomes a tax donation for the donor.

Other ways to give are to donate your live floral centerpieces to a local hospital or left over food to a local homeless shelter.  Most shelters will actually come out to pick it up from the caterer, or some caterers will be happy to drop it off for you.

If you want to donate your centerpieces, but have no way of getting them there – call or email us 336-525-9331 or to schedule a time for us to pick them up and donate them for you.  These small gestures are worth a MILLION BUCKS to some!

Happy Planning!

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