The Checklist – 12 Months

“So, now what?” you might ask. The key tool when you start out, and throughout your wedding planning journey, should be a good wedding checklist. It helps to keep your work load in perspective so you know when you will be overwhelmed and when you won’t be, but if you use the checklist properly (keeping on pace) you should have a great wedding planning experience.

I have gone through and added some commentary and notes to keep track of as you plan!

12 months before

  • Announce your engagement to family and friends and plan an engagement party! (If you hire your wedding planner now – you’ll get some help with this too!!)
  • Place an engagement announcement in your local newspaper. If you are in the Greensboro/Burlington area just email us – we have the form that you need to fill out and can email it to you! (
  • Sign up for a wedding website to keep your guests informed about event details, area information, etc. These are fun and not difficult.  We offer this free to our clients – complete with this checklist and lot’s more!
  • Work on the budget. I really wanted to put this one first.  A budget is not what things cost it is what you want to spend on the wedding.  Make sure that this is a priority!
  • Purchase a wedding planning organizer or calendar to keep track of important dates and appointments (fittings, vendor meetings, showers, etc.). There are also tons of online things you can use, but for me….I need paper and pen! J
  • Find Ideas. Start browsing Real Weddings, Pinterest, bridal blogs and magazines to identify your wedding style and color palette.
  • Meet with a few wedding planners and hire one! A wedding planner will help you more than on the day of and cut this planning checklist in half!
  • Choose a wedding date – select a few days in case your first choice is booked, be open when you choose this, it will make your life a lot easier.
  • Choose a location and reserve your ceremony and reception site(s).  Think about the décor that you want to have, does it fit? Ask for a complete floor plan from a past wedding that had your estimated amount of guests so you can get an idea of what your wedding will look like. Decide – same location or different location, think of your guests also that will be traveling!
  • Begin a rough guest listand compile current addresses, phone numbers and emails.  Yes, you will need all of this – for follow up reasons and then Christmas Cards!!
  • Decide on who you’d like to have as your attendants, including your maid of honor and best man. Send them something to ask – a cute card, do a little more than just asking them via email or Facebook.
  • Begin shopping for your wedding gown. Once you venue is booked this job gets easier because then you have an idea of the look that you are going for.  I know, I know, you wanted this one sooner, but trust me it will save you a headache later, and maybe a few bucks!

Keep reading for the rest of the months of planning – if you are in the process use this list to make sure that you are going down the right road!

Happy Planning

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