How to avoid being overwhelmed while planning your wedding day.

Being a wedding planner I should tell you to hire one (but I won’t today). 🙂  I understand that some brides think they can’t afford a planner, or belives the myth that we take over your wedding day and that is fine but the problem is that brides do get overwhelmed and there are ways to avoid that so here are a couple of tips.

1. Realize that you aren’t superwoman.  You can’t work a full time job and take on 50 DIY projects all at once. Choose wisely and then outsource or just purchase (sometimes much cheaper!) projects.

2. Being in your bridal party doesn’t mean that they are your slaves until wedding day.  You do want to keep some friends right?  It is ok to ask for some help, but don’t be bossy or make them help you with all the DIY projects that you took on.

3. Two main projects to avoid: (because cost of DIY is higher than purchasing) INVITATIONS and PROGRAMS!

4. Find a planning checklist and follow it.  Most checklists are missing some of the to do items, but if you have a basic list it can make your life much easier. You can also use a great program and enter the list – you can then include your hubby to be on this list so he can get his “to do’s” done on time also!

5. Try to enjoy it – it isn’t a job and it isn’t supposed to be stressful so take everything in stride.

6. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding day.  Once you realize that things will go much smoother!

Happy Planning!

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