The Checklist – 9 Months out…

If you haven’t read the checklist from 12 months follow this link:  The Checklist – 12 Months

If you are 9 months away from your wedding then keep reading!

6-9 months before

  • Research and choose one or more bridal gift registry. Visit Dillard’s at the Four Seasons Mall – great prices for your guests and quality merchandise for you!  They also offer free makeovers and free fittings for the undergarments you’ll need for your wedding day!  Save time…follow this link to pre-register, then just go in the store and scan away!
  • Order your wedding gown and buy undergarments that you will wear with it (bring these to all fittings)
  • Order other bridal accessories – shoes, gloves and veil
  • Begin shopping for bridesmaids dresses
  • Find an officiantwho will perform your ceremony.
  • Research local professionals and book ceremony musicians, a wedding reception band or DJ, photographer, videographer, caterer, baker and florist.  Your wedding planner will be able to make referrals.

Be sure to check future and past blog posts for questions to ask each of the professionals that you will need to hire.

– On a side note – if you want Uncle Bob to do the photography – have him sign a contract and make sure that you assign someone or let your planner know so she can keep him focused on the task at hand.  Having friends and family take part can be a great thing, but it can also be the worst decision you’ve ever made!

Happy Planning!

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