Ways to Honor Lost Loved ones

Loved Ones

This is something that I ask all of my couples because I think it is very important to couples – and their families that lost loved ones be honored in some way.

When I got married (eons ago) my Grammy had passed on and I missed her every day (still do!) and I kept trying to think of ways to show that she was still with me.

Here are some ideas  for you to use to Honor your lost loved one!

Loved Ones 2.jpg


  1. Add a poem or saying to your ceremony program.
  2. Have a small table with photo that your guests can view upon entering your ceremony or reception.
  3. Have the Pastor mention something during the ceremony
  4. The bride and groom light a candle in honor of them before the ceremony begins.
  5. Adding a photo to your bouquet.
  6. In lieu of wedding favors make a charitable donation.
  7. Reserve a seat for them at the ceremony with a flower or something that was special to them.

Loved Ones 3.jpg


  1.  Give all of the guests a small candle and before the ceremony begins the Pastor says a prayer and the bride and groom light the first guest candle and then each guest lights the next guest candle until all are lit.
  2. Have a photo of the loved one sewn into your wedding gown.
  3. Have a moment of silence during the ceremony.

There are many ways that you can honor a loved one. Figure out what they would have liked and you are half way there!

Happy Planning!

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