Make A More Memorable Menu

One of the largest items on your wedding budget is your food – so make it important and make it memorable!  Make sure that your friends and family talk about the food at your wedding for years!  Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

  1. Don’t Procrastinate – If your venue doesn’t have a caterer start the hunt ASAP, make sure that you let the caterers know that food is very important on your wedding day.  There are some caterers in the Greensboro area that have gone lax and are ready to serve your guests rubber chicken and string beans. There are food out there that are cost effect and taste much better….and some that are even more fun!
  2. Consider the Experience – Do you want a traditional sit down dinner or do you want your food served family style – adding a different element to your event.  Do you want food stations and people to mingle and get what kinds of food they want from different stations.  For those on a budget passed appetizers and fun finger foods are great and easy on your pockets.
  3. Part of the dining experience is also the seating – change it up!  Aren’t you tired of round tables and white chair covers YET!!!???  Talk with your designer about something fun and interesting that suits your wedding venue.
  4. Tie in a theme to you food – is it all Italian, Mexican or do you like Chinese food – better yet Japanese food made right in front of your guests!  Let’s get rid of Chicken, mashed potatoes and string beans!!!

Not sure what to do or how to do it – that is what your wedding planner is for!  Give her (or him!) the ideas and let them sort through and come up with something unique for your event!

Don’t have a planner……CALL US! 336-525-9331 or email

Happy Planning!

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