Your Wedding Budget

Ok, you got the ring now STOP!!!

Decide on your wedding day budget!  Don’t look at dresses, don’t google nearby venues.  Get down to business… you’ll thank me later!

I won’t go through all those traditions, most already have an idea.  Figure out what you want to spend (or what you can spend) on your wedding day.  Is it $10,000 or $100,000?  Remember all of it will be due at least 30 days before your wedding day so make sure that you can keep your electricity on and pay the wedding bills at the same time.

If you have an amount that you and your finance can put in then talk to both sets of parents – yours and his and see what they can or want to contribute to the wedding day.

Once you have these numbers you can sit down and create your wedding budget. You have to split that large number into smaller numbers that you can spend on each aspect of your wedding day.  Be sure to include in your budget a wedding planner – we work hard to keep our brides on track and under budget.  If you do then hire her (us!) quickly and let the planner put your budget into their software then you know where and when you will need to spend your money.

Now that all that is done….go ahead….google those venues!!!

Happy Planning!

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