Benefits of Hiring an Event Designer

Yes, there is a difference between a wedding planner and an event designer.  A planner plans and a designer designs.  Very different.  Anyway here are some benefits of hiring an event designer!

Time Saver 

Why hunt for wedding linens and all those little details?  You should be enjoying your time being engaged.  Let a professional help with all that.  We are trained to make your event look and feel like you as a couple!


We’ve done it before.  Most likely this is your first time getting married – or having a wedding.  Its our 200th time! We work everyday to gather information on items, professionals, pricing, venues, etc.  Let us use our knowledge to your benefit.


We do attend those boring networking evenings (some are fun), to make sure that we know who is who in our industry.  We also keep track of what they can – and cannot do, what they charge, etc so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients.

Worry Free

All you need to worry about is your hair, makeup and attire.  That is it.  We worry about your guests having a good time, making sure that everything is as you wanted it (or more!).


Even if you are creative a wedding designer can come up with something unique just for the two of you.  Sometime it is a backdrop, food display, guest table design, centerpiece design, invitation design.  There are loads of places for a designer to be creative in a wedding!

Just a few of our designs:

Live Wedding Painting

This is just something that I love and if you can fit it into your budget – you will love it too!

If you are considering this as an option you will need to make sure that the artist has access to the venue (fully decorated!) at least 3 hours in advance!  This way they can paint the backgrounds and get set up before hand.

Then during your ceremony they are painting the you, your groom and the people that you love.  Here are some samples from

Live painter

live painting

How beautiful!!

Happy Planning!
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Venue: Noah’s Event Center Mocksville

Let’s just say for being located in an industrial park, Noah’s is pretty cool!  I LOVE the chairs! No chair covers needed, I love the fact that they have ceiling options and that the floors are hard wood.  I love the bride and groom getting ready rooms!  The event area’s are cute, but tight for both the ceremony and reception area.  I wouldn’t put more than 150 guests in there, but the venue says 200+.  I prefer to have room for my wedding guests to walk between tables and make visiting and meeting new family members easy.

The venue is pretty pricey, but then again, aren’t they all! The difference here is it is well kept and has lots of little benefits!  Fitted for a more modern, contemporary type of couple.

Here are some photos for you!

Your Wedding Budget

Ok, you got the ring now STOP!!!

Decide on your wedding day budget!  Don’t look at dresses, don’t google nearby venues.  Get down to business… you’ll thank me later!

I won’t go through all those traditions, most already have an idea.  Figure out what you want to spend (or what you can spend) on your wedding day.  Is it $10,000 or $100,000?  Remember all of it will be due at least 30 days before your wedding day so make sure that you can keep your electricity on and pay the wedding bills at the same time.

If you have an amount that you and your finance can put in then talk to both sets of parents – yours and his and see what they can or want to contribute to the wedding day.

Once you have these numbers you can sit down and create your wedding budget. You have to split that large number into smaller numbers that you can spend on each aspect of your wedding day.  Be sure to include in your budget a wedding planner – we work hard to keep our brides on track and under budget.  If you do then hire her (us!) quickly and let the planner put your budget into their software then you know where and when you will need to spend your money.

Now that all that is done….go ahead….google those venues!!!

Happy Planning!

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Make A More Memorable Menu

One of the largest items on your wedding budget is your food – so make it important and make it memorable!  Make sure that your friends and family talk about the food at your wedding for years!  Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

  1. Don’t Procrastinate – If your venue doesn’t have a caterer start the hunt ASAP, make sure that you let the caterers know that food is very important on your wedding day.  There are some caterers in the Greensboro area that have gone lax and are ready to serve your guests rubber chicken and string beans. There are food out there that are cost effect and taste much better….and some that are even more fun!
  2. Consider the Experience – Do you want a traditional sit down dinner or do you want your food served family style – adding a different element to your event.  Do you want food stations and people to mingle and get what kinds of food they want from different stations.  For those on a budget passed appetizers and fun finger foods are great and easy on your pockets.
  3. Part of the dining experience is also the seating – change it up!  Aren’t you tired of round tables and white chair covers YET!!!???  Talk with your designer about something fun and interesting that suits your wedding venue.
  4. Tie in a theme to you food – is it all Italian, Mexican or do you like Chinese food – better yet Japanese food made right in front of your guests!  Let’s get rid of Chicken, mashed potatoes and string beans!!!

Not sure what to do or how to do it – that is what your wedding planner is for!  Give her (or him!) the ideas and let them sort through and come up with something unique for your event!

Don’t have a planner……CALL US! 336-525-9331 or email

Happy Planning!

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Fowl Cay Private Villas

Learn about leasing your own private island for your wedding or honeymoon!

Escape to your own Private IslandFowl Cay is a private island with a difference: discover six uniquely beautiful villas spread across a private 50-acre retreat in the secluded chain of the Exumas, Bahamas. No neighboring hotels, no passing ships, no crowds – just you and the excitement of exploring a special kind of wilderness. Made up of 365 tiny islands and cays, stretching across more than 120 miles of crystal-clear, warm turquoise water – the natural beauty of the Exumas is one of the most extraordinary settings on the planet. It’s time to explore the world of Fowl Cay – no longer just a dream…

Sitting at the center of the beautiful Exuma chain made up of little, scattered islands, deserted beaches and sandbars is Fowl Cay Resort. A vacation on Fowl Cay is truly like no other… and there are barely words to describe it–other than this is a getaway you need to experience for yourself. The best way to describe Fowl Cay Resort is that it is a casual vacation experience that combines the freedom of renting your very own island villa (or the entire island) with all the quality amenities of a full-service resort.

Each villa comes with a fully equipped and stocked kitchen where you will wake up each morning on your own schedule and make your own breakfast. Then for lunch have our chef pack you a picnic lunch to take to a deserted beach in your own boat (also included with your villa). After you spend your day exploring the central Exumas, come back to Fowl Cay and shower in your luxurious villa and head up to the Hill House for cocktail hour and a gourmet meal with the other guests on the island and enjoy great food and conversation. It’s laid back luxury in the natural beauty of the islands that makes Fowl Cay so special and why a vacation with us will redefine your idea of relaxing and getting away from it all.

Ask us how to make your reservation!

Happy Planning!

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2017 Q1 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S.

Source – The Wedding Report

The average amount U.S. couples are spending on their wedding as of 2017 Q1 was down -2.8% to $25,961 from $26,720 in 2016. The latest average wedding cost is based on 3,401 survey samples collected from January 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017. Includes couples that were married and spent money on their upcoming wedding.

While average spending for most items remained flat, the reason for the decline in overall spending is due to falling demand for services like, transportation, entertainment, and beauty. Couples seem to be looking for alternatives or other options, then the traditional route, for these services. Some products in the invitation category also suffered from lower demand. Some areas did see an increase in demand. Those areas include; photography products and services and event location, food and rentals.

I wouldn’t panic, we’ll continue to monitor demand to see how it might change throughout this year and keep you informed of any major shifts we see. We have updated 2017 spending numbers for all markets to reflect these survey results and updated total average spending forecast for 2018-2021 for all markets to reflect the demand changes.

Market Totals 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Market Summary $26,720 $25,961 -2.8%
Attire & Accessories 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Dress Accessories $224 $224 -0.1%
Tuxedo/suit/other Accessories $103 $103 0.3%
Tuxedo/suit/other Rent/purchase $208 $208 0.0%
Wedding Dress/es $1,221 $1,220 0.0%
Beauty & Spa 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Hair Service $67 $67 0.1%
Makeup Service $54 $54 0.4%
Manicure & Pedicure $45 $45 1.1%
Entertainment 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
DJ $735 $735 0.0%
Live Band $1,695 $1,698 0.2%
Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble $618 $619 0.1%
Flowers & Decorations 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Bouquets $340 $340 0.0%
Boutonnieres, Corsages $147 $147 0.0%
Event Decorations $446 $446 0.0%
Event Flowers & Arrangements $619 $617 -0.3%
Event Table Centerpieces $326 $326 0.0%
Gifts & Favors 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Gift/s for Attendants $104 $104 0.1%
Gift/s for Parents $122 $122 0.0%
Tips (for all services) $384 $384 -0.1%
Wedding Favors $239 $239 0.0%
Invitations 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Ceremony Programs $127 $127 -0.2%
Engagement Announcements $108 $108 -0.4%
Guest Book $61 $61 0.7%
Invitations & Reply Cards $226 $226 -0.2%
Postage $105 $105 -0.1%
Reception Menus $125 $125 -0.1%
Save the Date Cards $112 $112 -0.4%
Table Name and Escort/place Cards $85 $85 0.4%
Thank You Cards $90 $90 -0.2%
Jewelry 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Engagement Ring $3,407 $3,406 0.0%
Wedding ring/band for HER $786 $785 -0.1%
Wedding ring/band for HIM $456 $456
Photography & Video 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Digital or Photo cd/dvd $294 $293 -0.5%
Engagement Session $398 $397 -0.2%
Prints and/or Enlargements $238 $238 -0.1%
Wedding album/s or photo book/s $421 $420 -0.2%
Wedding Photographer $1,611 $1,610 -0.1%
Wedding Videographer $1,072 $1,072 0.0%
Planner/Consultant 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
A La Carte Services $943 $943 0.0%
Day of Coordinator $812 $811 -0.1%
For Getting Started $875 $874 -0.1%
Full Service $2,773 $2,767 -0.2%
Month of Direction $1,062 $1,063 0.1%
Venue, Catering & Rentals 2016 2017 Q1 Chg %
Ceremony Officiator $214 $214 0.2%
Event Accessories $327 $327 -0.1%
Event Bar Service $2,378 $2,377 0.0%
Event Food Service $4,674 $4,674 0.0%
Event Location $3,610 $3,611 0.0%
Event Rentals $1,737 $1,737 0.0%
Hotel Room for After Reception $315 $315 -0.1%
Limo Rental $483 $483 0.1%
Other Transportation $518 $518 0.0%
Rehearsal Dinner $572 $572 0.0%
Wedding Cake/dessert $419 $419 0.0%

Birthday and Double Anniversary Give-a-way!

Because I am turning…..29 again (June 15th)  🙂 in 2 days……and because we’ve been in business now for 14 years (officially July 1st), we want to do a large give-away!

We are going to give a way a full plan wedding planning program!  It is everything from point A to point B… addition if you are game….we’ve already chosen the venue and they’ve agreed to renting it to us for HALF PRICE!!!  Yes I said it. Not only that the venue is beautiful and one of our favorites!

No, I can’t tell you where…you’ll have to trust me…but I will give you a hint…since June 10th is my 11th year Anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband…it is the location where we got married at….

So how do you win…easy!  Email me at with the subject line Birthday & Double Anniversary Give-A-Way this information:  Your Love Story..make it good….we want to hear all of the ups and downs.  Be sure to add in some ideas on what you want for your wedding day, what kind of memories you want to make. Once we receive the email we will send you a very short form to fill out (mostly contact info).  We’ll choose the winner on July 15th.  All submissions and short form must be received by July 10th.

My husband and I will then choose the winner!

Details on what you are winning: Full Planning Program ($4,795)

Pre-Event Services:

  • Monthly 1 – 2 hour planning meetings throughout the process done via face to face, phone, Skype or email.
  • Online tools to help you track tasks, budget, guest list and more.
  • Wedding Website for your guests with RSVP online system!!
  • Assistance with selection of venue for your ceremony and reception
  • Room bock creation(s) for your out of town guests
  • Sandals or Beaches Resort Honeymoon Booking assistance.
  • Recommendations for 3 wedding professionals for each service needed, based on your budget and style.
  • Budget creation and management – we keep track of what is spent and where to help keep you on track. Your budget is also in the online tool so you can add or update it at any time.
  • Creation of your vision, selection of colors, develop a theme, choose décor and table linens – we create a vision board, with items that you love and color palettes that you would like and then we’ll go though and help you choose set ups and décor items to match.
  • Manage, finalize and confirm vendor arrangements throughout the process – we are in constant contact with the wedding vendors working with you on your wedding day. We answer all questions and gather the information that they need to do their job correctly.
  • Establish floral design, including centerpieces – we’ll work with the florist or create the centerpieces that you need along with personal flowers for you and the bridal party, your ceremony and any other small touches that may be warranted.
  • Recommend options for Save the Dates, Invitations, Ceremony Program, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Place Cards and Menu Cards
  • Secure and return all rental items
  • Schedule and manage transportation for your wedding day
  • Final on site consultation one month before the wedding – we’ll walk through the entire event from start to finish with you and your fiancé.
  • Follow up phone call to each vendor one month prior to and the week of the wedding.
  • Creation and distribution of wedding day timeline to wedding professionals one week prior to the wedding.
  • Informational letters sent to wedding party and parents with important times, dates and instructions.
  • Coordinate rehearsal and make sure all parties are aware of their positions, roles and responsibilities

Day of Event Services:

  • Two wedding coordinators and one assistant on-site for up to 10 hours on wedding day
  • Execute all wedding plans and details with professionals, family and guests
  • Supervise the set-up of the ceremony and reception locations
  • Load personal items and gifts into designated car at the end of the event
  • Handle any last minute changes, additions or problems
  • Full use of wedding day emergency kit.

Be sure to ask questions and good luck to you!!

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Bridal Trends

Band of Gold


Grace and sophistication reigns supreme with wisps
of hair delicately framing the face, and nails that are
elegantly accented by bands of gold.

Bright skin, peachy cheeks and vivid pink lips
fuse together in harmony with a sophisticated
play of lights on the eyes.

DEBALICIOUS LIPSTICKA beautiful pale pink shade for fair to medium skin tones. For tan to dark skin tones try with Pinot or Plum Liner. Smolder, Vain or Vamp may be used for tan to dark skin tones as well.

GEMSTONES PRESSED EYESHADOW QUADA warm jewel toned quad for all skin types.

Hair Look. Paul Mitchell products used:

DRY WASHDry formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent.

SOFT SPRAYSecures strands with a natural, touchable finish and an easy-to-brush-through hold.

A Band of Gold wraps delicately around neutral pearl or pink nails. Elegant and simple.

CASSITERITEVegan Gold Glitter.

SYMMETRYVegan Mauve Crème.