Mix & Match Glassware In Wedding Décor

I love an all white table with beautiful pops of color!  The color can be brought in with the glasses that your guests use, the plate or even the vases in your centerpiece.  Here are some really cute photos we found on pintrest!

How do you plan on using color in your wedding?

Happy Planning!

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Unique Lighting For Your Wedding

For weddings there are several different options that could add some WOW to your wedding day.  The most common are pin spotting and up lighting.

Pinspotting is a lighting technique used by Intelligent Lighting Design to bring attention and illumination to various areas of your event. An example would to be to highlight your beautiful centerpieces or wedding cake!

Image result for pin spotting

Uplighting  are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light.

Image result for What is Up Lighting

You should use a good mix of both of these during your wedding.  See above in the after photo how dark the tables are?  You want to make sure those florals that you spent money on are seen also!

Average lighting budget should be about $1500 for a 100 – 125 person wedding!

Happy Planning!

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Venue Review: Noah’s of High Point

I do like this venue!  Not just because we are a preferred professional, but because of the simplicity of the event space.  If you are looking for a high end venue with lots of different options this is a venue that you should visit.  Here are some photos that we’ve taken:

There are lots of decor options available and the location is PERFECT for guest count of around 100 – 110. I know they allow more, but it can get crowded and you want people to have room to move and dance and meet their new family members!

Ask us about our new full planning package created just for this venue!

Happy Planning!

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Ask Veronica

I need to know what is the best way to stay in my budget. What are reasonable things to look for?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to first create a budget!!!  If you know your target number ($$) then break that number down into categories of what you will need for your wedding day.  Then look for professionals that can work within that budget.

Sounds easy? It isn’t.  Another piece of advice is to face reality.  You can’t get a David Tutera wedding with  300 guests on $5,000 budget.  Think about it a Meal at McDonald’s is $5.49 plus tax right – includes a tea (not alcohol) if you buy 300 of these meals the cost is $1,647 before tax.  That is just a burger.

Think of other options.  If your budget is $5,000 do a destination wedding.  We’ve sent couples to Sandals Ochi for $3,000 for a week, honeymoon and wedding all inclusive!  If you think your family won’t travel – I’ll bet back some of them will!

Do a cake an punch reception, instead of a sit down dinner or have your ceremony early and do a bunch instead.  You have lots of options.

Doing a ton of DIY projects to stay in budget doesn’t always work and it doesn’t always turn out the way that you wanted it to.  Visit some of these wedding websites, speak to a planner, ask other couples and get ideas.  Then follow your heart!

Happy Planning!

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Benefits of Hiring an Event Designer

Yes, there is a difference between a wedding planner and an event designer.  A planner plans and a designer designs.  Very different.  Anyway here are some benefits of hiring an event designer!

Time Saver 

Why hunt for wedding linens and all those little details?  You should be enjoying your time being engaged.  Let a professional help with all that.  We are trained to make your event look and feel like you as a couple!


We’ve done it before.  Most likely this is your first time getting married – or having a wedding.  Its our 200th time! We work everyday to gather information on items, professionals, pricing, venues, etc.  Let us use our knowledge to your benefit.


We do attend those boring networking evenings (some are fun), to make sure that we know who is who in our industry.  We also keep track of what they can – and cannot do, what they charge, etc so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients.

Worry Free

All you need to worry about is your hair, makeup and attire.  That is it.  We worry about your guests having a good time, making sure that everything is as you wanted it (or more!).


Even if you are creative a wedding designer can come up with something unique just for the two of you.  Sometime it is a backdrop, food display, guest table design, centerpiece design, invitation design.  There are loads of places for a designer to be creative in a wedding!

Just a few of our designs:

Live Wedding Painting

This is just something that I love and if you can fit it into your budget – you will love it too!

If you are considering this as an option you will need to make sure that the artist has access to the venue (fully decorated!) at least 3 hours in advance!  This way they can paint the backgrounds and get set up before hand.

Then during your ceremony they are painting the you, your groom and the people that you love.  Here are some samples from WedOnCanvas.com

Live painter

live painting

How beautiful!!

Happy Planning!
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Venue: Noah’s Event Center Mocksville

Let’s just say for being located in an industrial park, Noah’s is pretty cool!  I LOVE the chairs! No chair covers needed, I love the fact that they have ceiling options and that the floors are hard wood.  I love the bride and groom getting ready rooms!  The event area’s are cute, but tight for both the ceremony and reception area.  I wouldn’t put more than 150 guests in there, but the venue says 200+.  I prefer to have room for my wedding guests to walk between tables and make visiting and meeting new family members easy.

The venue is pretty pricey, but then again, aren’t they all! The difference here is it is well kept and has lots of little benefits!  Fitted for a more modern, contemporary type of couple.

Here are some photos for you!

Your Wedding Budget

Ok, you got the ring now STOP!!!

Decide on your wedding day budget!  Don’t look at dresses, don’t google nearby venues.  Get down to business… you’ll thank me later!

I won’t go through all those traditions, most already have an idea.  Figure out what you want to spend (or what you can spend) on your wedding day.  Is it $10,000 or $100,000?  Remember all of it will be due at least 30 days before your wedding day so make sure that you can keep your electricity on and pay the wedding bills at the same time.

If you have an amount that you and your finance can put in then talk to both sets of parents – yours and his and see what they can or want to contribute to the wedding day.

Once you have these numbers you can sit down and create your wedding budget. You have to split that large number into smaller numbers that you can spend on each aspect of your wedding day.  Be sure to include in your budget a wedding planner – we work hard to keep our brides on track and under budget.  If you do then hire her (us!) quickly and let the planner put your budget into their software then you know where and when you will need to spend your money.

Now that all that is done….go ahead….google those venues!!!

Happy Planning!

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