In Sickness and in Health

Sometimes while planning a wedding life can catch you, maybe your spouse to be gets really sick, loses a job, gets in an accident, money gets tight or you realize that you aren’t in love. You may have to put the wedding on hold for a while or cancel the wedding entirely.  Not only that, if a loved one is sick and you have to be the caregiver, switching hats from bouncing beautiful bride to the lonley caregiver can be quite depressing and uterly stressful.

For anyone in this situation it is perfectly natural to feel guilt, fear, anxiety, ambivalence and ager, and be totally stressed because of the uncertainty of your future or of your future together.  Its important to keep talking – even though all couples can’t share everything, its best to keep the communication lines open as much as possible – and visit a professional counselor.

Its nothing to put your wedding on hold for someone you love, it is a humbling experience, because now the day isn’t all about you.  In all reality your wedding day should be about COMBINING your families and a CELEBRATION of your love and happiness.  Yes, the bride is the staple of the day and thats you, but if you make it hard for everyone else to have a good time, its just another wedding….

Walking down the aisle is more than the decor or the timeline of the day its your future that you are planning.  A life with another forever, if you think about planning your wedding day with your future and your families in mind you day will be much happier overall.


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