How to have fun at your wedding!

Ok, usually weddings aren’t “Fun” for the couple – until after all of the rituals have been done.  Usually brides (and some grooms) are all caught up in the details of planning – timing, where to stand, what family is doing, etc to have a really good time for the entire wedding process.

HIRE A PLANNER! It doesn’t even have to be us, it just has to be a PROFESSIONAL.  There is a difference…a professional is a business, has a licence, insurance and this is what they do for a living, the photos on their website aren’t their own wedding photos either.

This will allow you to be guided through your wedding planning process and the day of your wedding.  So you can concentrate on dancing and spending time with your family and your new hubby.

A wedding is full of opportunities for fun – so make sure that you take advantage of  it!The First Look


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